No-Fault Accident Repairs


Non-fault accident repair

If you have had a road accident and you are the innocent party, just call us today as we are specialists in non-fault accidents. Let us help you to carry on with your normal routine without any inconvenience to you.

Replacement Vehicle – We will arrange a like-for-like replacement vehicle until yours is repaired. We will recover any hire costs incurred from the insurer of the other party involved.

No Hassle, Quality Repair – Whether you are insured comprehensively or third party, let Sawyers Auto Smart get you back on the road. If you are insured on a third party basis, we will eliminate the inconvenience of obtaining estimates, and you having to provide the funding for your repair whilst your claim proceeds. Comprehensively insured customers will not have to pay a policy excess and, because no claim is being made against the policy, your hard earned no claims bonus is protected.


Various courtesy vehicles at Sawyers Auto Smart Services