Speedliner Protective Coatings



In 2000 SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. were the first company to introduce a versatile spray-on truck liner to the UK and is continuing to be the most successful independent spray liner system available in the UK and many countries in Europe.
Sawyers Auto Smart are appointed agent for Speedliner, which are a maximum strength spray liner that can be applied to all makes of pick-up vehicles.
Independent laboratory tests prove that Speedliner outperforms all other bedliner systems proving it is the world’s toughest liner. Speedliner’s versatility means that it can be applied to almost anything in a wide range of colours.

What are the SPEEDLINER® Products?

Speedliner Euro HS® is a high performance polyurethane/urea elastomeric product which has high tensile strength, good elongation and adhesion. It has better UV stability, hydrolytic stability and resistance to many chemicals than aromatic urethanes commonly known as ‘fast dry-fast cure’ spray liners. Speedliner Euro HS® forms a tough, abrasive resistant polymer coating especially well suited for applications requiring protection from impact, abrasion or corrosion on metal, wood or fibreglass (GRP) surfaces.

SPEEDLINER EURO HC® (Hygiene Coat) was the first long life, inclusive active anti-bacterial, anti-microbial spray liner coating available offering 21st century vehicle hygiene control. It’s a high performance polyurethane/urea elastomeric product with the same overall strength and qualities as the Speedliner Euro HS® but with the advantage of an exclusive active anti-bacterial, anti-microbial additive.

Topcoat HG™ is an aliphatic, two component polyurethane polymer coating product that gives a full chemical reactive cure with no reliance or affects from ambient air moisture. This speciality coating is formulated for interior and exterior applications and has excellent gloss and colour retention.


DuPont™ Kevlar® pulp fibre is an optional additive used to enhance performance and cut and tear strength of the final applied polymer coating. It is recommended for use on heavy-duty / hard use trucks, panel van floors and high impact areas utilising spray liner applications.